A must have for School Leaver's

Posted: 19th Apr

So…. you’re on the move

One of the most important days in your life is the day that you leave school. You not only leave years of school life behind – but you also join what everyone will tell you is THE REAL WORLD.

For some of you the move from school to work or to further education will be quite easy – others may experience some problems or need advice and information.

If you have questions or are looking for information then follow the links below to these two great resources:

Decisions Decisions  

This booklet is designed to help you answer questions that may help with the move from school to the next stage of your life and to provide you with important information - such as who can give you further help once you’re out of school.

The first part of the booklet consists of questions that school leavers often ask - and that you might be asking too.

The other sections contain information and contact details of organisations and people who may assist you.

Click here to open the page where you can download the document.

The Community Directory

The Directory  is a free resource designed to help you compare local programs and make contact with  the most appropriate organisations.

Click here to access the Directory. 

Remember if you need a little more help deciding what your next move is you can contact JobCraft for additional support: 

via email: JobCraft@mmvllen.org.au

via text: 0435 097 568

via phone: 9376 7251