Moonee Valley Internships - Our Successes so far!

Posted: 2nd Dec

In its first year, the Moonee Valley Internships project has seen some wonderful interns complete the project. Here we take a look at some of their stories.

“It is a great way to make connections and there is no loss in doing it. I have learnt a lot and now I am even more confident in working in a workplace with or without team mates”

Fatima is a vibrant young woman from the Flemington Housing Estate who completed the internship with the M&MV LLEN in August and September this year. Although she had already completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, Fatima was still struggling to find employment in one or both of the areas she is most interested in - business management and hospitality.

During her internship, Fatima worked closely with LLEN staff to promote the JobCraft project to local secondary schools and to young people in the region. She developed her skills in social media and online marketing by updating and managing the Facebook page, Twitter accounts, and writing articles for the website. She dipped her toes in networking by promoting the project at community events, and even gained some experience in evaluation and review by developing an analysis of the JobCraft website for developers. All in all, her experience with the project has given her a well-rounded and holistic view of the different elements of project management.

Since completing her internship, Fatima has continued to receive support from LLEN staff in developing numerous applications for various positions. She has expressed many times that her understanding of the application and interview process has increased immensely; ‘before this internship, I didn’t even know about key selection criteria. Now in the last couple of months I have applied for more jobs than I ever have before!’.  With the help of LLEN staff, Fatima is preparing applications for a number of business analyst graduate positions that will be advertising in 2015.

Fatima brought enthusiasm and skill to the internships that will serve her extremely well in the years to come and we wish her very well for her future endeavors!


“Great opportunity! I enjoyed every moment of it. DON’T ever be late!! :P” 

Fatma is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science at La Trobe University. Like Fatima whom she completed the internship with, Fatma is a local resident from Flemington and very active within her community, particularly local soccer teams. She is passionate about youth work and working directly with people.

During her internship Fatma worked closely with staff from the LLEN to build youth-engagement strategies for the Transition to Independence project. Building on her strong cultural sensitivity and keen talent for engaging marginalised youth, Fatma supported and developed numerous projects such as; an outreach youth drop-in space, a young women’s consultation group, and an employment board at a youth space. Fatma’s strengths have been highlighted by all the stakeholders she has worked with, who have commented on what a pleasure it was to work with Fatma and complimented her advanced abilities to interact with young people who have complex needs.

Before she started her internship Fatma was considering leaving her studies at La Trobe University. However, through the internship she has gained a broader perspective on how studies such as hers can be practically applied and has decided to complete her course. She has further enrolled in a certificate III in community health services.

Fatma’s keen intelligence and strong ability for engaging both stakeholders and community members will be an invaluable asset in her chosen field. We wish her all the very best and will continue to support her in every way we can.