Great reasons for Small Business in the West to hire a young person

Posted: 13th Mar

The Industry Skills Fund - Youth Stream includes two pilot programmes, Training for Employment Scholarships and Youth Engagement Pathways, which will address youth unemployment by supporting businesses to employ more young people; and community organisations to help young people return to school, start vocational training or move into work.

Training for Employment Scholarships supports training that meets the needs of your business and assists young people who are ready for employment, but require further training.

If your business has less than 200 employees, and you hire an unemployed person aged 18 to 24 years after 1 March 2015, you may be eligible for funding of up to $7 500 for the cost of up to 26 weeks job specific training.

Youth Employment Pathways supports community organisations assist disengaged young people, aged 15 to 18 years, to get back into school, start vocational training, or move into work.

Community service organisations may be eligible for financial support to purchase or provide services to meet individuals’ needs such as intensive case management, job search, mentoring and other services relevant to young people.

The two pilot programmes; Training for Employment Scholarships and Youth Employment Pathways, are available until 29 February 2016 in selected regional areas and areas of high youth unemployment.

What kind of assistance can I access?
Training for Employment Scholarships

Funding is available for training that is relevant to your business needs and provides your new employee with the skills or qualifications required to do their job.

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