Tips On How To Choose A Training Provider (RTO)

Posted: 22nd Dec

It's that time of year when a great number of us will be thinking about our future and how to best get into the job of our dreams. We have noticed that many young people are taking up training to improve their chances of getting employment or transitioning into further studies. However, there is growing concern some young people are using up their entitlements to government support and getting into debt without their knowledge or without much benefit.

Because of this the M&MV LLEN has developed a One-Page Flyer and a Short Guide for young people on how to choose the training provider that is right for them.

This pamphlet outlines the important things to think about when choosing to pursue training, and outlines useful things to know when deciding on which RTO to enrol in.

We hope that this flyer and guide are useful resources for young people and those working with them on planning their pathway into employment. Please use this in as many ways as possible to support young people in making informed decisions on how best to meet their training needs.

Download PDF version of RTO information below:

RTO Flyer - one pager (short version for young people)

RTO Guide - full e-version (version with more detailed information)

Alternatavely contact our office on (03) 9376 7251